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Bathroom & WC

Washing, bathing and showering mean much more than hygiene.
The care of the body contributes decisively to the emotional well-being.

This also applies to people in need of care who spend a lot of time sitting and lying down. The more actively they can participate in personal hygiene, the higher their self-esteem. Everyday aids such as an inflatable hair wash basin support caring relatives in providing gentle, loving care.

From childhood to old age, personal hygiene is one of the most personal and intimate areas of a person's life. When physical or even mental limitations make outside help necessary, it is a challenge for everyone involved.

Shame or even discomfort play a role when parents are dependent on their children for care and rehearsed roles are reversed. Anything that contributes to the greatest possible independence has a positive effect on the attitude to life of persons in need of care.

Practical care: This is how personal hygiene works well and safely

If possible, support the person in need of care in washing their own body in the bathroom. Valuable everyday aids are, for example, an anti-slip shower mat, hand and grab handles for standing up and sitting down, or a bath and shower chair. A seat or reclining lift that also enables a full bath offers special comfort. In everyday care, a shower is often less complicated and more pleasant.

After washing, bathing or showering, make sure you also dry the skin carefully where it wrinkles. Then you can rub the skin with a protective cream so that it does not become dry and cracked. Even physically handicapped people can do this independently, for example with a lotion applicator. Once the cream has been absorbed, help the person in need of care into fresh clothes.


Always undress only the parts of the body that are to be washed. Use soft flannels and a mild cleansing product with a pH value below 6 that is gentle on the skin.

Good preparation is (almost) everything

Personal care in particular requires a great deal of trust. The key is communication: take a few minutes to tell the person in need of care what you are going to do before washing. This makes them feel involved.

Prepare everything you need for yourself: Flannel, spare cloth, brush, shower gel or soap, nail scissors, skin cream, towels, fresh clothes, disposable gloves.

Pay attention to the room climate and temperature. Persons in need of care often have an increased need for warmth.

If necessary, allow a trip to the toilet before personal hygiene.

Remove rings and similar items from your hands and also put the hearing aid and/or glasses of the person in need of care aside.

Move safely in the bathroom

The bath handle, shower stool and handgrip are important aids that should be present in every bathroom. The Bath handle provides extra comfort and safety in the bath when getting in and out. There are also different types of Shower stools, from simple to shower chairs that allow 360 degree rotation. The Handle provides support when sitting down or standing up on the toilet as well as in the bath and also gives additional support when climbing stairs. These aids are especially important for older people or people with mobility problems and help them to move safely and independently in the bathroom.

Product recommendation

Quick Mobile Rail" grab rail

The Quick Mobile Rail grab rail was specially designed to support natural movements, e.g. when getting in and out of shower cubicles.

Attention! This mobile handle can be attached and removed in a few seconds - without drilling or screwing. The two strong suction cups adhere firmly to smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Indicator red = the handle is not yet attached.
Indicator green = the handle is securely fastened.

Going to the toilet without help

The Toilet support CARE is foldable and offers the user a secure hold and independence in the bathroom and on the toilet. It provides more safety and self-confidence when standing up or sitting down. Another practical aid is the Foldable toilet aid/wipe-off aidwhich is supplied in a case. It allows easy holding of the toilet paper and hygienic disposal through a push button. Additional comfort and support when standing up or sitting down on the toilet is provided by the Height-adjustable support frame with padded armrests.

Product recommendation

Intimate care:

Incontinence is not only a burden on the soul. If you lie in wet sheets for too long, there is an acute risk of rashes and bedsores (decubitus ulcers).

Use sensor mats that detect moisture and help you keep an eye on your loved one's well-being.

Body care from head to toe

Keeping an eye on your hands and feet helps to avoid unpleasant pressure marks, cracks and inflammations. To ensure that you can care for your nails independently even with limited mobility and in case of illness, it is best to use practical everyday helpers.

The nail care tool ensures beautiful fingernails with clippers and a file. You can operate the large push button easily with just one finger, your whole hand or your fist. Nail experts have developed extra-long scissors with an angled blade for foot care.

To ensure that your nails look really well groomed, there are also special nail files and brushes. These are equipped with suction cups that allow uncomplicated handling even with physical limitations.

Long nail scissors with 45° angle

These extra long nail scissors with their 45° angled blade make it easier to cut toenails. Foot care is made easier for people who have difficulty bending over.

Hair wash basin, inflatable

This hair wash basin is suitable for comfortable and easy hair washing in bed. The inflatable washbasin has a moulded, safe support for the head and protects the shoulders. The 1 metre long hose has a safety stop that allows the hair wash basin to be gradually deflated. The basin is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport.

Beauty Set & Washing Aids

The body sponge with long handle allows you to get back to your back and wash your feet without having to bend low. The hair washing brush with extra long shaped handle is ideal for massaging in shampoo. To shape your hair yourself, simply use our special comb. Or take the extended hairbrush to tame your hair without help.

Nail files, toothbrushes and razors are often difficult to grip. With the practical universal holder, these bathroom utensils are once again easy to hold. Whether at home or in a hotel - with the "Beauty Set", the "Washing Aids" or "Hand & Foot" in the "Body Care" aid box, you are once again independent in the bathroom.