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ThevoSmart ONE

for care and nursing at home

Fear and worry about the loved one are constant companions in daily care. But that's over now! ThevoSmart ONE enables you to be close to your family member in need of care at all times and in all places.

ThevoSmart ONE

Enjoy more relief in nursing care

Let's face it, it is an immense challenge to balance the needs of a caregiver and one's own capacities and cravings as a family caregiver or caregiver. Often it is family members who face a lot of pressure and insecurities when they cannot care for their loved ones around the clock. Be it because one is at work, running errands or simply wants to take some time off.

Unfortunately, a constant presence directly on site is almost impossible. We cannot always be prepared should grandma or grandpa fall. But even if we are not present, we can learn about these and other emergency situations in a timely manner via the ThevoSmart app. This means that medical steps can be taken immediately!

Fears, insecurities, a guilty conscience as well as general stress can torment one when it comes to caring for relatives. Can I leave my mother alone now or will something happen to her while I am away? How do I know that grandpa is not sore in bed while I am at work? Did the neighbour who needs care and is at risk of falling just leave the bed for a long time without help? Is the incontinence-suffering carer's bed too wet while I am running errands? I would very much like to take some time out, can I hand over the ThevoSmart app to a trusted person with a clear conscience?

One thing first, YOU are also entitled to care without worries! How would it feel if you could go about your personal activities with a clear conscience and still keep an eye on your loved ones? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to make the most of your time? That is, whenever you are able to maintain personal contact with loved ones, which cannot be replaced. But also, when you cannot be physically present, to have a security that those in need of care are well. Wouldn't it be in the interest of all relatives to be there for each other and also to negate their own lives optimally with care!

Perhaps you know it professionally from caregiving that you cannot be present with all caregivers at the same time and some probably need more care than others. Especially in this challenging profession, excellent coordination is of utmost importance! A structured overview that always shows the current health status of the caregivers on the ThevoSmart app provides enormous relief. ThevoSmart ONE gives you pure support in everyday caregiving and a plus in quality of life!

Why is a smart mattress topper
as a smart care cockpit ideal for me?

  • You always keep the Overvieweven if you cannot physically be directly with the carer! Via the care cockpit ThevoSamart ONE you receive changes in your care situation directly on your mobile phone around the clock via your smartphone.

  • You get an ultimate Relief in care.

  • You gain more qualitative Time and Quality of life.

  • You have more Security about the health condition of the caregiver, despite absence.

  • Alerting directly to your smartphone.

  • Together instead of lonely! You can share all information with trusted people via the ThevoSmart app and they will keep track of things for you if you need time alone.

  • Rent or buy, you decide! Without risk you will receive a care package with a right of return.

What is ThevoSmart ONE and how does it work?

ThevoSmart One consists of a smart mattress topper (approx. 64x100 cm) that is paired with a mobile phone app. The mattress is connected to a small battery-powered transmitter that is used to measure movement, bed absence, humidity and much more. You need standard AA batteries for the transmitter, which last for about 4 months in normal operation (only at night). Of course, you will be informed about the battery change in time. You can place this smart mattress pad under the bed sheet or on the bed sheet if you have incontinence.

The Care Cockpit keeps you up to date via your smartphone. Our digital assistant shows you in the domestic, the outpatient and Inpatient care The Care Cockpit displays the status of the person in need of care and forwards all the necessary information to you from the bed via an easy-to-understand traffic light system. With one look at the care cockpit, you can see whether there is cause for action. Thanks to push notifications, you receive important changes directly on your smartphone. Ingenious, isn't it! You can also share the information or the status of your carer with others. This makes it possible to even take turns in care or to keep an even better overview.

What can this digital smart helper do?

Let's take an example: You are caring for a bedridden relative who is at risk of falling. You are on your way to work or shopping. Suddenly you are informed via the Care Cockpit that your caregiver has been absent from bed for some time. You now have several options to act: you call the person in need of care, you alert other relatives to check on things or you go to the person in need of care yourself. Of course, there are other options for you to act.

The ThevoSmart Overview in care:

Always and about everything informed

ThevoSmart ONE informs you about the current status of the caregiver, no matter where you are. This offers incredible relief for you as a carer and creates more quality time.

Audible signal and simple status overview

An acoustic signal alerts you to important changes and gives you an overview of the status thanks to the simple, easy-to-understand traffic light system.

Detection of moisture

Even small amounts of fluid are detected and reported by the sensors. This function is particularly advantageous for caregivers with incontinence. Pressure ulcers are also prevented by early detection.

Bed absence alarm

Unusually long absences from bed are indicated to you via the app. Especially in the case of frail and elderly persons, the risk of falling can be very high and can be prevented by timely intervention.

Motion detection and manual storage reminder

By permanently measuring the patient's own movement, you are reminded via app to reposition the patient. This reduces the risk of pressure sores.

Would you like to receive further support in care? The ThevoSmart app also provides access to our extensive care network with a wealth of information, tips, offers and partners.

Whether you want to rent ThevoSmart ONE or call it "your own" immediately, you have a 30-day return policy with us. Your satisfaction is our success!

Some helpful thevoSmart Facts:

  • The ThevoSmart ONE sensor sheet is washable at 95 °C, suitable for drying and ironing.

  • The surface of the ThevoSmart ONE sensor sheet is made of 100 % cotton and is also very skin-friendly. The Sensogram is very thin and not noticeable.
  • The ThevoSmart ONE sensor sheet holds up to 700 ml/m² of liquid. The alarm is triggered from a liquid quantity of approx. 10 ml.
  • After an average of 10 seconds, the system alerts via the ThevoSmart ONE sensor sheet. In standby mode, measurements are taken every 4 seconds.

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