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Care level calculator

Calculate your care level now

Would you like to know which care level you could be entitled to according to the new assessment procedure? Use our Care level calculator for an initial assessment.

Calculate your care level now

Registration is not required, but recommended. This way you can adjust your entries later at any time and receive a free results analysis by e-mail.

How is the degree of care determined?

The benefits to which you or your relative in need of care are entitled from the long-term care insurance fund depend above all on the degree of care. Since 2017, this has been determined by the "New Assessment Instrument" (NBI) according to the Second Care Strengthening Act (PSG II). The care levels that were valid until 2016 were replaced by the care degrees that are valid today. These result from the independence or support needs of the person to be cared for, taking mental limitations into account.

The assessment with the help of the NBI is essentially based on a fixed questionnaire. FAMILIARA's free care degree calculator, which is based on the same questions, works in the same way as the NBI questionnaire. Therefore, the care degree calculator provides you with a quick and uncomplicated initial assessment of the care degree.

In addition to this initial assessment, the care degree calculator also serves as a basis for the result that is determined by the Medical Service of the Health Insurance (MDK) via the said assessment. Neutral experts determine the result on behalf of the long-term care insurance fund according to a legally defined catalogue of questions using the new assessment tool.

During the assessment by the MDK, misjudgements can occur from time to time for various reasons. The care degree calculator offers you a useful basis to support and check the assessment.

Care diary for additional support

In this regard, we also recommend downloading the free care diary provided by FAMILIARA. It contains many helpful hints for the correct documentation of everyday care and in this way helps you to give the assessors an exact picture of the need for care, because: With the help of the care diary, it is easier for you to answer the 64 questions with graduated answer options. Incidentally, these cover 6 different subject areas. Using the care diary can also reduce the risk of misjudgement, as the assessors can rely not only on their own perceptions but also on the documented and detailed descriptions of the carers.

Care diary: Request directly now

The care level calculator and the care diary not only help you to support the assessment during the appointment, but you can also file a justified objection in case of an incorrect assessment. If, in your opinion, the assessors have come to an incorrect conclusion, you can substantiate your view of the need for care in an objection with the help of your documents.

In the event of an objection, however, we advise you to seek professional help in any case.

In order to use the free care degree calculator and receive a corresponding result, it is not even necessary to provide personal data. However, if you enter your data, an additional result analysis will be sent to you by e-mail. In addition, you can then also save your entries so that you can access the care degree calculator at any time without having to enter it again.

Support with your application

We are happy to support you in applying for and enforcing your care degree.

We can help you with that:

  • Application to your long-term care insurance fund
  • Determining your appropriate level of care
  • Compilation of all necessary documents and diagnoses
  • Preparation for the medical assessment
  • Personal accompaniment during the appraisal
  • Review of the care decision - and, if necessary, support in filing an appeal with a care report.

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