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Care planning

Useful things to support care planning

In the following, we would like to introduce you to four very effective apps or applications that will certainly be of great use to you as a family caregiver in your care planning.

The Care Jungle COCKPIT

With the care jungle COCKPIT, you gain an overview and structure and are guided in organisational and administrative tasks in an uncomplicated way through the complex and sometimes very opaque German care system.

The app supports you in care planning in concrete terms,

  • calculate the degree of care and document it continuously in the form of a diary,
  • view and plan for the services offered by the long-term care insurance via the care budget optimiser,
  • to keep a very clear record of the issues to date,
  • retrieve the most important applications and powers of attorney
  • and precise applications for automated billing.
The Care Jungle COCKPIT is thus ideally suited to navigate easily and efficiently through the jungle of organisational, administrative and bureaucratic requirements that come with our German health care system (the "care jungle") for family caregivers.

fable - for a better everyday life

With the app fabel, you can effectively manage the tasks that caregivers face on a daily basis and which can quickly become too much for them.

The app supports you in care planning in concrete terms,

  • To record their tasks in a very orderly way via a detailed questionnaire,

  • to provide you with suitable supermarket delivery services or mobile hairdressers in your vicinity, for example, to solve the task,
  • Create a care team of relatives, friends, neighbours or other co-caregivers through the shared use of the app.
  • and to optimally complete the tasks in coordination with your care team based on the division of labour.
The app fabel is thus ideally suited as an everyday manager to experience strong relief in the management of everyday tasks in home care with digital solutions through the efficient combination of organisation and coordination.

NUI - App for care organisation

With the NUI app, you can access a wide range of functions that go beyond care organisation to enable you to acquire useful expertise and obtain important information and valuable expert advice.

The app supports you in care planning in concrete terms,

  • involve family members, friends or others involved in the care process,
  • communicate with the other people involved in care,
  • efficiently plan appointments,
  • always keep up to date on the latest benefits provided by the long-term care insurance funds,
  • to submit applications straightforwardly and directly in the app,
  • to be helped by an assistant,
  • To open an information-rich carer's guidebook
  • and get valuable advice from an expert via a chat.
NUI is thus an excellent way to mobilise and save valuable time and financial resources in a targeted and well-thought-out manner while constantly expanding professional knowledge.

Family Cockpit - Family life in care

With Family Cockpit, you have a very effective app specialised in families that enables you to optimally balance your entire family life with the tasks involved in care.

The app supports you in care planning in concrete terms,

  • Set appointments in the calendar for all family members to see,
  • Remind family members via push notification or email,
  • create to-do lists visible to all or only certain family members as desired,
  • Assign tasks with associated due date reminders to individual family members at will,
  • make important notes together and make them visible to all or individual family members as they wish,
  • keep a care diary useful for doctors or health insurers
  • and to manage a common address book with important contacts and emergency numbers.
This makes the Family Cockpit app ideal for organising the tasks that arise in an uncomplicated and well-planned way so that you can create a smooth everyday care and family life together.

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