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Secure your care allowance with online tele-care counselling

Specialised care advisors answer your questions via video conference. For people with a The counselling is free of charge for people with a care degree and their caring relatives.

Your advantages

no long waiting times until the consultation appointment - select appointment online and you're done!

No rigid opening hours

No travel and fuel costs

No loss of information due to digital documentation in real time

Important information

The digital age has revolutionised many aspects of our daily lives. In recent years, the health sector has also opened up more and more to digitalisation, from which many different areas are already benefiting today. For the people involved, whether as employees or as recipients of health and care services, many processes are becoming simpler, more accessible and more convenient.

One example of this is the care counselling: people in need of care and their relatives receive information and orientation regarding suitable care solutions for their individual situation. From care level 2, participation in regular counselling appointments is even obligatory in order to secure the entitlements resulting from the care level.

For some time now, care counselling has also been available digitally as a video conference, which offers some advantages to those in need of care and their relatives: For example, there is no need to travel to the appointment, which saves time and money and, of course, also means more comfort. In addition, appointments can be planned more flexibly. This makes digital care counselling a convenient, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional counselling centres.

Arrange appointment

Please note: In order to book a personal consultation via the calendar, you must provide your name, email address and possibly other personal data. Data protection regulations of HerzBegleiter apply to this; you can find more information in our data protection regulations. For people without a care level, costs may be incurred for the counselling.

Duty to provide counselling when receiving care allowance

  • Care Level 2 & Care Level 3: Half-yearly 1x = 2x per year

  • Care Level 4 & Care Level 5: quarterly 1x = 4x per year

Care level 1  Not obliged to have the counselling session according to § 37.3. However, it is legally possible to receive counselling once a year, if desired. For more information, please ask your health insurance company.