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Digital helpers

How digital helpers support home care

Digital helpers can help family members in home care to save time and effort and relieve the work-life balance. These range from simple communication tools to complex care systems.

Digital helpers for home care

A list of products that promise safety and relief

ThevoSmart ONE

Care cockpit for care and nursing at home
ThevoSmart One consists of a smart mattress topper (approx. 64x100 cm) that is paired with a mobile phone app. The mattress is connected to a small battery-powered transmitter that is used to measure movement, bed absence, humidity and much more.

NOBU - The emergency call button

Emergency call switch that can be installed quickly, easily and everywhere
Home care sometimes requires quick reaction times. In some cases, only a few seconds remain to prevent a drastic outcome. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for relatives to keep an eye on those in need of care around the clock. The NOBU emergency call buttons made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic offer an excellent solution here.

Home emergency call system

Get the help you need quickly & easily in an emergency
Home emergency call systems are a valuable support for people who have an increased risk of accidents and falls due to mobility restrictions caused by age or illness, but who still want to live in their own home. Such a home emergency call system thus gives people in need of care the certainty of receiving help quickly and easily in an emergency.

enna Dock

Intuitive tablet operation
enna is a docking station ("enna Dock") with which a commercially available tablet (iOS and Android) can be operated independently by means of a haptic operating concept using NFC command cards ("enna Cards"). enna combines maximum low-threshold operation with the greatest possible variety of digital services.

Excellent fall prevention

through wireless bed sensor technology and automatic light switching
The "LINK" light package consisting of a radio switch and a radio socket strip offers you a strong solution that comprehensively takes all factors into account. Especially because the "Link" lighting package can automatically switch the light on when you leave the bed via a coupling with the "SESY" sensor system and automatically switch it off again when you return. Accordingly, the systems can be seamlessly interlinked by their design.


Modular assistance system
Enjoy life in your own four walls, even if there are already initial restrictions (from care level 1). VIVAIcare is the first and only digital assistance system paid for by health insurance companies that has been specially developed to make life safer and more comfortable for senior citizens.

The digital tablet dispenser

Minimise risks when taking tablets
Digital care assistants are useful reliefs for people in need of care and caregivers, despite uncertainty and reluctance. The automatic tablet dispenser is an example of a new product on the market that is used in the home environment.

Safety Watch

Smartwatch for seniors - more than a phone watch
With Telekom, another company has now taken up the topic of smartwatches for senior citizens. With an astonishingly good and mature result. Together with the manufacturer TCL and thanks to a cooperation with St John Ambulance, the Safety Watch MT43AX offers everything you could expect from a smartwatch for senior citizens.

Livy Alive

Smart home emergency call
Livy is a smart sensor station that protects people in need of care from danger and supports them in living a self-determined life in their own home environment. Various alarm functions enable a quick reaction in an emergency, because relatives are immediately informed on their smartphone via the Livy Care App when the alarm is triggered.