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Food & Drink

Eating and drinking mean so much more than taking in food.

Morning coffee - a lifelong ritual. Lunch: The epitome of community. The evening meal: that is home and at home.

It is painful when the usual is no longer possible without problems. Shaky hands due to Parkinson's disease or a handicap due to a stroke: the desire to eat quickly turns into frustration. Special tableware provides a remedy and gives people in need of care back their desire to eat. And with it, a great deal of self-esteem. They are small tricks with a big effect, such as the cup with the drinking trick: thanks to its specially shaped interior, it is not necessary to bend the head or neck when drinking. A relaxed cup of tea - just like in the old days!

In the first phases of care, people in need of care are still quite mobile and independent. It is important to maintain this independence! Encourage and support your family members in need of care to eat and drink by themselves. There are many practical everyday aids to help you do this. For example, the tremor spoon attachment allows you to eat safely and independently despite tremors. The food remains on the spoon. Or a simple foam rubber handle that can be put over your favourite cutlery - knife and fork no longer slip so easily. And with a plate rim raiser, eating with one hand is no problem either.

Dignity and quality of life until the end

If a person in need of care is already severely restricted, everyday helpers such as the Beak cupThis means that food and drink can also be consumed while lying down. This preserves dignity and quality of life until the end.

Physical and mental limitations often come together. The consequence is often weight loss. In Alzheimer's patients, 40 percent are affected by this! Independent eating becomes more difficult, they are more quickly distracted and restless. That's why we have special Alzheimer's tableware that is red. The colour has been proven to stimulate appetite and provide orientation. Dementia patients can see red very well for a long time - and contrasts are clearly visible. With the red tableware, it tastes good again - an effect that is further enhanced by a yellow non-slip base.

Tips & Tricks

A plate or board with raised sides makes eating much easier - especially when only one hand can be used. This way, the bread stays on the plate - and goes straight into the mouth.

Anti-slip material for cups, plates and cutting surfaces ensures a firm grip and a secure hold. The shaking is hardly a problem.

Snacking allowed: an ice cream holder is just as practical for the very young as for those in need of care: finally enjoy ice cream again from a cone or on a stick - without sticking and spilling.

Let's go!

Pimp your cutlery

Here comes the rescue for your favourite tableware! Adapt your crockery and cutlery to your needs with little tricks. The anti-slip mat gives cutting board, plate, bowl and cup a secure grip. The plate rim raiser works as resistance when you want to push food onto the spoon or fork.

The drink covers protect cups and glasses from spilling and can also be used with a straw. To help you hold cutlery better, use the eight foam rubber handles. The practical special spoon attachments ensure that the food stays safely on the spoon.

Cutlery accessories

Tremor-Löffelaufsatz, transparent, 3er Satz

Tremor spoon attachment, transparent, set of 3

If you often shake when eating, we recommend that you reinforce your spoon rims with the special attachments so that soup and solid food can no longer spill when you eat.
Besteckhalter für Erwachsene

Cutlery holder for adults

For severe disabilities, this cutlery holder for adults makes eating easier thanks to its well-designed construction. Two joints allow individual adjustment.

Cutlery handle strap

This grip tape is a useful addition for
Cutlery with thicker handles. It is elastic
and can therefore be used for all hand sizes.


Foam rubber handle

The quick and easy way to pad a handle. Made of white polytehylene and available in 1-metre pieces in a variety of sizes. The material does not absorb anything and does not become sticky over time. Ideal for cutlery, pens, brushes, etc.

Special cutlery

Knork (Gabel und Messer in Einem)

Knork (fork and knife in one)

With the Knork fork, food can be easily divided by weighing movements and then picked up. There is no need for a knife, and Knork does not have any sharp edges. So there is no risk of injury. In addition, Knork has a platform for the index finger to rest on to enable better transmission of force.
Schrägbesteck Löffel & Gabel

Oblique cutlery Spoon & Fork

The almost completely normal-looking cutlery offers great help to people with movement restrictions in the wrist. Supplied as a set, available for right- and left-handers.
Besteck, ergonomisch und biegsam

Cutlery, ergonomic and flexible

The cutlery has a soft, ergonomically shaped handle that provides a firm grip. The spoons and forks can be bent into any desired position if necessary.
Besteck mit Griff

Cutlery with handle

The cutlery has a soft, ergonomically shaped handle that provides a firm grip. The spoons and forks can be bent into any desired position if necessary.
Yum, yum!

Meals on wheels

Spoons, forks and knives are important - but so is what ends up on them! We therefore recommend the versatile and wholesome menus, tailored to the needs of those in need of care - and best of all: they are delivered to your door.

Practical drinking aids

Becher Sure-Grip

Mug Sure-Grip

The ergonomic shape of this cup makes it easier to hold. Thanks to the deep grooves, the cup sits comfortably in the hand and cannot slip away. Suitable for hot and cold drinks.
Handgriff Sure-Grip

Sure-Grip handle

This handle for the Sure-Grip cup makes holding the cup even easier. The handle can be easily attached to the cup.
SafeSip Getränkeabdeckung

SafeSip drink cover

No more spilled drinks! The drink cover is the ideal solution for making glasses, cups and mugs leak-proof quickly and easily. It is simply put over the drinking vessel and then a drinking straw can be pushed through one of the openings. With SafeSip, nothing can spill - even if the drinking vessel falls over. SafeSip can also be used with trembling hands or for drinking while lying down. (Drinking straws not included, set of 2 per colour).
Becher mit Trinkaufsätzen, transparent

Mug with drinking attachments, transparent

Two drinking attachments are included with the cup. The lid with the small opening is suitable for liquid drinks, the lid with the large opening is suitable for viscous food and drinks.
Becherhalter Doppelgriff

Cup Holder Double Handle

By placing a cup in this cup holder, the cup gets stability and can no longer slip away or tip over. The holder can be easily removed from the cup again. The two large handles make it easier to hold the cup in a comfortable drinking position.