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Meals on wheels

Feeling good, having energy, feeling a zest for life and enjoying the day - nutrition can do all that. Your menu service offers you what is good for you and tastes good.

Enjoy food and feel good

Everyone looks forward to eating. It is often one of the highlights of the day. In addition, the warm main meal makes an important contribution to a balanced diet. But what if shopping and cooking is not possible or becomes a burden? A Meals on Wheels service can help. At lunchtime, the desired dishes are delivered hot or frozen to the house.

A Meals on Wheels service is useful for those who cannot or do not want to cook every day as well as for people:

  • who want to save time for shopping and cooking and prefer to use it for themselves or for relatives

  • who want a delivery service that rings the doorbell reliably every lunchtime

  • who want to ensure a balanced diet
  • who need a diet or special form of food
  • who want to stock up on frozen lunch dishes

Before choosing a Meals on Wheels provider, the following points should be checked:

  • Is there a contract commitment or can it be ordered flexibly and only when needed?
  • How big is the selection of lunch dishes?
  • Can I order by phone and online?
  • Is personal delivery daily - even on Sundays and public holidays?
At best, there is a trial offer at a reduced price. This allows you to test the taste and service of the provider.

How Meals on Wheels works

Most Meals on Wheels providers have several menus to choose from each day. In the case of frozen food delivery, it is usually possible to choose from a larger assortment. An overview is provided by the menu card or menu selection catalogue, which can be requested from the provider free of charge or viewed online. Most meal services offer short-term ordering and delivery - even for as little as one menu. In the best case, the menus can be changed or cancelled.

Everyone decides for themselves how often food is delivered during the week. Delivery is made at lunchtime by couriers. The exact time of delivery depends on the routes of the courier drivers. Some providers deliver the food chilled for the weekend on Fridays, others such as apetito's Landhausküche also deliver personally hot on weekends and public holidays.

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