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Emergency can

Save important seconds

This handy box can be used to store important documents in case of an emergency. With the help of the emergency box, the rescue forces can see all the important information in no time at all. And this time advantage can save lives.

The little saviour for the home

In a medical emergency, every second counts. For good reasons, many people in all age groups therefore keep appropriate medication plans or living wills at home. This way, the arriving emergency services can quickly see whether there are any pre-existing conditions or which medications are being taken. The catch: if the patient himself is not responsive, the storage location remains unknown. By the time the rescuers have searched through drawers and cupboards, vital time has passed.

This is where the emergency tin from acavi GmbH and other providers comes into play. Important documents can be stored in this handy box for emergencies. The small box is then kept permanently and clearly visible in the refrigerator. An additional sticker on the fridge door makes it clear at first glance that there is an emergency box in the household. The concept is already being used throughout Germany and beyond. With the help of the emergency box, the rescue services can see all the important information in no time at all. And this time advantage can save lives. Numerous institutions, districts and organisations therefore use the emergency box or provide information about it.

The emergency box and its contents

The emergency box already contains an information sheet on which the most important personal contact details are entered. For example, the name, age, contact details of the family doctor and telephone numbers of the closest relatives. In addition, information on intolerances, medications, diagnoses, implants and powers of attorney can be entered here. Information on possible pets must also be filled in. In the event of a fire, for example, the rescue services will know immediately that there is still an animal in the flat and can save it.

In addition, all other important information can be placed in the emergency box: for example, the visiting card of the family doctor, diagnostic sheets or the vaccination card. If certain documents do not fit, a small note with a hint is sufficient. For example, "X-ray pictures are in the kitchen drawer to the right of the cooker". This way, the emergency services know immediately where to look for them. The emergency box also contains a corresponding sticker. This is simply stuck on the door of the refrigerator. This makes it obvious to the emergency services that an emergency box can be found there as soon as they enter the flat.

How to use the emergency box

The concept is very simple and the effort is as small as the can itself. First, the enclosed information sheet is filled out with all the information. It is important to work through all the points conscientiously. Then the information sheet is rolled up and put into the emergency box. Other documents or notes can also be attached.

Then the small box goes into the refrigerator. It is important that the box is placed as far forward as possible so that the emergency services do not have to search for it for a long time. Afterwards, the enclosed sticker is stuck on the refrigerator door so that it is clearly visible. The emergency box is made for the refrigerator, as it can be found in almost every home. It is therefore important that the box is only kept there. The emergency services are familiar with the concept and will usually not look for such a can in other places. If you keep the emergency box and sticker in a cupboard, for example, you run the risk of it not being found. Note: It is also very important that the information in the emergency box is always kept up to date. The phone number of the contact person has changed? The family doctor is new or a new diagnosis has been made? This information must be updated immediately so that the emergency services know what to do in case of an emergency.

With the home emergency box, lives can be saved.

The advantages of the emergency box for the home:

  • Small, handy and affordable
  • An international concept
  • No electronics that can go on strike
  • No battery or electricity needed
  • Rescue workers trained on the emergency box

This is why the emergency box is needed

The emergency box is particularly useful for people living alone. An alarm can often still be triggered, but clear communication with the emergency services is usually no longer possible. If no one is present who knows what is going on, important information falls by the wayside. But the emergency box is also advisable in the case of illnesses such as Alzheimer's or for people living together. A rescue operation is often associated with a lot of excitement - especially in one's own four walls. In the rush, important data, telephone numbers or instructions can be forgotten. These are all stored in the emergency box. Fill it out calmly and put it in the fridge. A few minutes of preparation that can save lives. So it's no wonder that more and more institutions, municipalities and organisations are relying on these little saviours.

Some facts about emergencies

Statistics show that rescue operations are on the rise. In 2016 and 2017 alone, there were around 5.5 million rescue missions in Germany, and the trend is rising. Not infrequently, these are life-threatening situations: heart attacks and cerebral infarctions are among the most common cardiovascular diseases and also among the most common causes of death. Every year, 280,000 heart attacks and just as many strokes occur in Germany. An emergency box helps the emergency services to quickly assess the situation and initiate the necessary medical measures.

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