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Pressure ulcer - A pressing problem

The free guidebook from IGAP e.V.

Find out more about the development, prevention and care of pressure ulcers and request the free guidebook of the Institute for Innovations in Health Care and Applied Nursing Research (IGAP) here.

Valuable help in everyday care

The IGAP e.V. Pressure Ulcer Guidebook

Not every position is suitable for every bedridden person. Please take care not only to avoid bedsores, but also to choose a position in which the person concerned can really relax and sleep optimally. The guide "Pressure Sores - An Oppressive Problem" gives tips and informs those affected and caring relatives about the causes, prevention and therapy of the biggest care problem: Pressure ulcers (bedsores).

Helpful information on these and other topics:

  • Development of a pressure ulcer
  • Risk factors (intrinsic & extrinsic)
  • Stages & Therapy
  • Storage, Supply & Care
  • Digital tools
  • Contact addresses & literature

The pressure ulcer guide

Also available as a free app!

The successful guidebook "Decubitus - A pressing problem" with over 500,000 printed units is now available as an app for Android and iPhone. Discover the entire contents of the guide conveniently summarised in an app.

Download the app now for free from your favourite store:

- Google Play - Guide

- App Store - Guide