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Household & Kitchen

Good food and drink bring joy to the heart and soul. Especially when some other everyday activities are no longer possible.

It is often the little things that make life easier: Anne (78) has been suffering from a tremor for several years. Nevertheless, it means an awful lot to her to be able to spoon up her beloved starter soup herself. Anne's daughter therefore ordered her a Plate edge elevation and ergonomically shaped cutlery. Since then, she can eat her soup without missing anything!

Friedrich (84) has been living alone since his wife died. The grown-up children always look after him, but in the mornings and evenings he looks after himself alone. He recently sprained his hand in a fall. His children gave him a Cutting board with non-slip feet and a special knife with which he can slice and grease bread rolls with one hand. And for a quick midday meal the Good Grip Can Opener.

Food is important for the attitude to life

You can see from these examples: everyday aids for cooking, eating and drinking maintain quality of life and independence in this so important area of life. While many people primarily think of sleep, hygiene and medical care when it comes to care, the topic of eating should not be underestimated for the quality of life in everyday life.

No fear of cuts

A good way to get started is with the "Kitchen helpers" toolbox: The Sink brush inspires with an integrated container for washing-up liquid that you can operate with just one hand. Thanks to its wide, ribbed handle, the peeling aid lies particularly well in the hand. You can easily pull the vegetable brush over one finger - the simple vegetable peeler works on the same principle. And with the cutting aid, you hold fruit and vegetables between two comb-like holders and can then cut them easily - without fear of cuts!


Everything stays safely in place

One material - endless application possibilities. Anti-slip makes life easier in your household. Non-toxic and easy to wash, you can also use it in your kitchen without any problems.

Advantages of the anti-slip products

  • Versatile: adheres, holds & opens
  • durable & easy to clean
  • non-toxic & latex free
  • Contains antimicrobial silver
  • professional choice
  • easy to use

With the anti-slip glass opener and the anti-slip bottle opener, you can open jars with little effort.

The three anti-slip mats and anti-slip castors help you wherever slippery surfaces present hazards. On work surfaces in the kitchen as well as in the living room and children's room, anti-slip prevents mishaps and offers extra safety for all activities.

To enable you to equip your home with anti-slip according to your individual requirements, the Aid box corresponding mats in two different sizes, as well as a roll and anti-slip tape.

Anti-slip: What is it and what advantages does it offer me?

Anti-slip was developed from PVC using a patented method and is by far the most effective anti-slip material on the market.

It is non-sticky and provides gripping surfaces on both sides, making it ideal to use wherever a dry or slippery surface causes problems: on worktops, smooth furniture or floors, trays, etc. It can also be used to strengthen the grip in the hand when opening jars, for example.

Anti-slip is chemically inert and heat resistant. Regular light washing with soapy water is recommended to preserve its unique properties; it loses its effect when wet, so allow to dry thoroughly. A wide range of shapes and sizes is available.

More kitchen help

Examples on the topic of everyday aids for the kitchen and household

That little bit of housekeeping takes care of itself? Unfortunately, that's not quite true! To ensure that necessary tasks are quickly completed despite minor limitations, there is now support in the form of practical aids that make everyday tasks in the kitchen easier for you.

Cutting aids with angled slopes

These kitchen aids have an angled handle, which means that less force is required when holding on. In addition, the hand, wrist and arm remain in a natural (anatomical) position, which prevents overloading of the wrist and associated pain or inflammation.

Crumb and cutting aid, operable with one hand

With the practical cutting aid, small baked goods and other foods can be cut cleanly and, above all, safely. Insert, close the lid, cut - evenly and without risk of injury thanks to the integrated safety knife. So simple!

  • Protection against cuts or burns, e.g. on freshly baked rolls
  • Crumbs are collected directly
  • for left- and right-handers
  • dishwasher safe up to 95 °C
  • Secure stand thanks to anti-slip feet
Our tip: If the cutting aid is placed on an anti-slip mat, it is even better secured against slipping and can even be operated with just one hand.

Breakfast boards

Our chopping board with its raised edge on three sides prevents the bread from slipping and thus enables people with limited hand mobility to prepare it independently and comfortably.

This board made of plastic is attached to the tabletop by its four suction cups or with the integrated screw clamp. The stainless steel fork holder holds sausage and cheese securely. The bread slice is held by a ring of also stainless steel spikes.
The CLASSIC for over 30 years

Can, Glass & Bottle Opener

Do you always have difficulties opening bottles, glasses and cans? Whether at home or on the road - with the various opener aids, difficulties in handling bottles, jars and cans are finally a thing of the past. The anti-slip glass opener, for example, can be adapted to different lid shapes and supports the pressure you exert with your hand. And thanks to the 5-in-1 opener, screw caps on bottles, crown caps, jars and cans are no longer a problem.


the revolution in everyday life
Experience freedom with the Easy-DrehFix: effortless opening of all types of bottles, perfect for senior citizens and people with hand function disorders.
Our recommendation

Opener Set - Auxiliary Box

Opening jars, bottles and cans is not always easy even under normal circumstances. The "Opener Set" aid box offers you effective support if your strength or the mobility of your hands are additionally limited.