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The living room rollator

6 functions in one rollator

The Saljol residential rollator is particularly narrow and fits through almost any door. Thanks to its stable construction, it can be safely loaded at any point. In addition, it has a seat and extensive accessories, making it a versatile aid in the home.

Living room rollator vs. classic rollator

The differences

The living room rollator differs from a conventional rollator not only in its clean condition without dirt from outside, but also in its special utility and practical, no-frills design.

Unlike classic rollators, residential rollators are designed exclusively for indoor use. By foregoing this compromise, they therefore have special functions and special accessories, which is why they are optimally suited for use in the home and even in confined spaces.

One rollator - 6 functions

Stand-up aid

The living room rollator is the perfect support for anyone who needs to support themselves when getting up from a chair, armchair or bed, but does not yet need to be lifted. Thanks to its stable construction, Page can be used without any problems. Remember to always activate the parking brake to ensure that the residential rollator remains safe and stable.

Toilet support frame

Thanks to its slim design, which is specially conceived for indoor use, the Page is also suitable as a safe and comfortable support in the bathroom. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily moved to the toilet. The stable construction of the residential rollator offers reliable safety and makes it possible to sit down gently on the toilet and stand up again.

Indoor wheelchair

The Page is also a helpful support for people who have problems with their motor skills: In the event of a sudden loss of strength, it can be used as a seat. In contrast to a normal stool, however, the living room rollator still allows mobility even when sitting and can be moved around the home with little effort through what is called tripping. This can help to reduce the exhaustion of the body.

Mobile handrail

The Page's robust steel construction is designed to be as strong and safe as the handrail on your stairs. The 38 mm thick tube (German standard dimension for handrails) provides safe and comfortable support and grip, so you can rely on the residential rollator in all situations.

Transport trolley

With the accessories for your rollator - for example a tray or a bag - you always have everything important with you. The accessories can be easily attached to the frame without tools. This means that the page can be used both for fall prevention and for support in everyday life, for example when setting and clearing the table or when transporting laundry.

Fall prevention

Statistically, about 80 percent of age-related falls occur in one's own home or in the garden. The living room rollator can be used as a support and also as a seating option, which greatly reduces the risk of falling in one's own home in the event of stumbling or weakness attacks.

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