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Are you missing out on benefits from the long-term care insurance fund?

75% of people in need of care do not use their legal rights.

  • only 5 minutes
  • direct result
  • Support with bureaucracy

How to get more care allowance

We determine all legal entitlements for people in need of care and their relatives. You will immediately find out what you are entitled to in addition to the care allowance.

1. determine entitlement

Answer simple questions instead of reading long legal texts or articles. Find out everything about your financial entitlements in just 5 minutes.

2. correct use of entitlements

You will find out for which services the earmarked amounts can be used and what you have to do in order not to risk a reduction of the care allowance.

3. application and settlement with the long-term care insurance fund

The right forms and explanations to fill in make communication with the long-term care insurance fund easy.

What customers say

Andrea Schmidt
"We now receive more help and support for my mother through the relief amount. Taken over shopping and cleaning the windows provide relief."
Michael Bruns
Person in need of care
"I didn't know what support services were available. Apart from my care level 2, I seem to be entitled to a lot more, e.g. preventive care."
Cedric Macia
Managing Director Nursing Service
" takes a lot of counselling work off our shoulders. It helps both us and the people in need of care to understand the contents of SGB 11 more easily."

What customers say

Where does the entitlement to the additional care budgets come from?

Your entitlement to the additional care budgets is legally anchored in Social Code 11. You are entitled to these care budgets depending on your individual situation, but unfortunately they are rarely used due to lack of transparency and the associated bureaucracy. We want to solve this problem for you.

In concrete terms, it is about the Relief amount (§45b), Preventive care (§39) and the Conversion of short-term care (§42) in preventive care.

Important for you: Your existing care allowance remains unaffected.

We will also check other financial subsidies for you, such as free care aids or subsidies for age-appropriate conversion measures.

What can the additional care budget be used for?

The additional care budget is earmarked and can be used to finance many care-related services.

Practical examples: Household support, companionship, social activities, basic care.

You already know your entitlement in care?

Then click here to go directly to the overview with tips and form templates for your claim.

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