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The Podcast

No matter whether you are dependent on help yourself or want to make everyday life easier for a loved one: In our podcast, we talk about the various options for home care and present a wide range of solutions that make daily life at home easier - from simple aids to innovative technologies and digital assistants.

New solutions

for home care

With an ageing population, the need for effective yet practical home care solutions has never been greater. We believe that everyone is entitled to a long, healthy and fulfilling life in their own home, regardless of their age or physical capabilities.

You will therefore find helpful tips and solutions for your home care situation not only on this platform or in our Guidebookbut now you can also hear about our podcast! We have made it our mission to present the latest findings and developments in the field of home care aids and to provide our listeners with exactly the information they need.

Perhaps you too are restricted in your own home or cannot participate in your surroundings as self-determined as you would like? Do you yourself or a loved one need support with everyday tasks, but don't want to give up the comfort of your own four walls? Then this podcast is just right for you.

What awaits you

In each episode, we give expert advice and practical tips on home care, from simple adaptations to your premises to choosing the right aids. We talk about the latest technologies and services that support those in need of care or their relatives in their daily lives and enable them to live longer, healthier and more independently in their own homes.

One of the main focuses of the podcast is on the use of digital assistants and so-called smart home systems, which can provide support in coping with everyday tasks and activities. We discuss the various functions and applications of these assistants and how they can be used to improve the quality of life of people with cognitive or mobility impairments.

But also non-digital aids and services that give people in need of care more mobility, independence and quality of life in their own homes are a topic for us. So there is something for everyone who wants to learn more about today's home care options to maintain a high level of independence and comfort for themselves or their loved ones in their own four walls.