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Three systems

for more safety in home care

Three perfectly interlocking systems that can be combined with each other as desired for immediate more safety in the home care environment.

Three systems

for more safety in the home care environment

Relatives are often very critical of the question of whether they should place their family members in need of care in the care of an inpatient care facility. Many would like to assist their loved ones in home care themselves.

However, this desire all too often finds its limits in the feeling of not being up to the task. Aspects of practicability and security play a major role here.

In this article, we would like to present you with perfectly interlocking systems that can be combined with each other as desired for Immediately more security in the home care environment that will make home care much easier for you.

The DEKU3 nursing mattress

MDR compliant and certified as a class 1 medical device

In some cases, you as a relative must be able to make sure at all times that the person in need of care is in his/her bed. This applies in particular to persons who could expose themselves to enormous dangers when leaving the bed due to their mental or physical condition. The "DEKU3" nursing mattress offers you an excellent solution here.

The MDR-compliant mattresses, certified as a class 1 medical device, are first of all convincing in terms of quality

  • ... with their extra-soft fleece cover for additional pressure relief and an excellent sleeping climate.

  • ... as well as by its exchangeable and disinfectable waterproof and breathable polyurethane cover fabric that can be washed at up to 95 °C.

  • ... and by their waterproof zipper that protects against liquids and odours.

It offers excellent support and, as a pressure-relieving mattress, is also ideally suited for people in need of care with skin damage due to
  • Inflammations,
  • Ulcers,
  • Wounds,
  • Infections,
  • Pain

are necessarily dependent on special mattresses. The "DEKU 3" nursing mattress is ideal in this regard, as it adapts to the body, promotes blood circulation, reduces pressure points and promotes self-movement.

Accordingly, it leads to significantly more pain-free and restful sleep, which is accompanied by less care work for you as a relative in the long term.

The "DEKU3" nursing mattress, which is suitable for people from 40 to 130 kg and available in all bed sizes, would therefore be absolutely worth investing in, if only because of its high quality features. In addition, you also have the option of equipping the mattress with the "SESY" sensor system. For this purpose, the mattress has special insertion channels in the shoulder and hip area into which sensor strips can be inserted to equip the mattress with three or five pressure sensors.

The pressure sensors allow you to be informed in real time whether the person in need of care is in their bed via a coupling with the mobile radio receiver "NAVI GO", which is simply plugged into a socket.

The function is ensured by the PIEZO-like element built into the bed sensors, which sends a radio signal to "NAVI GO" via a small voltage that is generated when two metal blocks located in a coil are separated under load.

When the load is removed, the metal blocks are "pressed" onto each other so that voltage is generated again, which once more sends a radio signal to the radio receiver "NAVI GO".

You can therefore see whether the bed is occupied by the permanent green light on the "NAVI GO". Leaving or unwanted leaving of the bed (bed escape) is signalled to you in real time via an alarm mode - visually marked by red flashing and acoustically by warning tones.

All you need to do is click on the "LRN" or "CLR" buttons on the "NAVI GO" to easily switch off the alarm mode again.

It is important to mention here that no batteries or external power sources are used for the sensors and the system supplies itself with the required energy. The system therefore functions and operates completely wirelessly and maintenance-free.

In order to exclude false alarms, the mattress has been designed in an extremely sophisticated way: for example, it is very reliably able to differentiate simple movements from a real need for action, which, with regard to the functioning of the PIEZO-like element built into the sensors, is partly due to its ability to adapt very well to the respective body weight.

The "DEKU3" nursing mattress is thus characterised by the fact that it ensures significantly more restful and safer days and nights in terms of both quality and safety aspects on both sides - for those in need of care and their relatives.

Also very interesting for carers who want to see when their loved one gets up from the chair:

In the same way, you can use the SEKI seat cushion to connect it to the radio receiver "NAVI GO", which alerts you immediately when you leave wheelchairs, armchairs and many other seats in the way described above.

The "SESY" sensor system designed for bed escape and the general radio receiver and alarm transmitter "NAVI GO", which must be used with all alarm systems, also serve as connecting points for two further sophisticated systems, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail below with the "LINK" light package and the "NOBU" emergency call button.

NOBU - The emergency call button

The new generation of emergency call switches that can be installed quickly, easily and everywhere.

NOBU – Der Notrufbutton

Home care sometimes requires quick reaction times. In some cases, only a few seconds remain to prevent a drastic outcome. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for relatives to keep an eye on those in need of care around the clock.

Therefore, caring relatives long for supportive aids. However, these are often not readily available due to their high purchase costs, complex installation and complicated handling.

The NOBU emergency call buttons made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic offer an excellent solution.

Quick and easy to set up anywhere within 10 minutes, the...

  • without complex installation,

  • without annoying cables,
  • without batteries and
  • Without maintenance

easily attach as many emergency call buttons as you like to any location on your premises.

The PIEZO-like element built into the emergency button sends a radio signal to "NAVI GO" - via the same process already described for the bed sensors - which again signals the need for action to you in real time via an alarm mode - visually indicated by red flashing and acoustically indicated by warning tones - in an uncomplicated and quick manner.

All you have to do is plug the corresponding "NAVI GO" radio receiver - if you are not already using it for the very effective combination of bed escape system and automatic light switching - into a socket.

Also very interesting for caring relatives who want to offer those in need of care the opportunity to make themselves known quickly and without complications:

With the NOBU GO watch and the NOBU GO necklace, you also have two further very practical and, above all, mobile options for enabling the person in need of care to activate the emergency call at lightning speed at any time.

The exceptionally required battery - only one - lasts several years with normal use. The alerting process via "NAVI GO" is the same, so that the NOBU GO watch and the NOBU GO wristband can serve as excellent complements.

In this way, people in need of care can make themselves known quickly and easily in emergencies at any time and anywhere. The very uncomplicated and effective manageability of the emergency call button "NOBU" makes it a unique safety element worldwide.

They are the new generation of modern emergency call switches: fast, simple, maintenance-free, can be installed anywhere - that's safety in the twinkling of an eye!

It goes without saying that the systems, all of which can be combined with each other, are trained on the "NAVI GO" radio receiver before delivery. You can couple this with up to 8 products of your choice: 8 systems per "NAVI GO", mind you - the systems are thus almost limitless in their compatibility. Afterwards, you simply attach the systems within a few minutes - and they are ready for operation.

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