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Safety Watch

Smartwatch for seniors

With Telekom, another company has now taken up the topic of smartwatches for senior citizens. With an astonishingly good and mature result. Together with the manufacturer TCL and thanks to a cooperation with St John Ambulance, the Safety Watch MT43AX offers everything you could expect from a smartwatch for senior citizens.

Telekom Smartwatch for seniors

More than a telephone clock

Even if many seniors still have a great inhibition threshold when it comes to modern technology: the advantages speak for themselves. In addition, many providers recognise that adaptations increase accessibility, especially for older people, and react accordingly. Increasing attention is therefore being paid to good usability and improved readability. Another plus: many new functions provide more Safety in everyday life in old age.

With Telekom, another company has now taken up the topic of smartwatches for senior citizens. With an astonishingly good and mature result. Together with the manufacturer TCL and thanks to a cooperation with St John Ambulance, the Safety Watch MT43AX offers everything you could expect from a smartwatch for senior citizens.

All functions of the Safety Watch at a glance

Emergency button

For summoning help quickly. An SOS button automatically calls for help after being pressed for 3 seconds. The order of the possible helpers can be determined by the user. For example, the first call attempt is made to a family member. Thanks to a cooperation, the "JohanniterCall" is also possible. You are notified at the touch of a button or automatically, both from home and - thanks to integrated GPS positioning - while on the move. Professional help can thus be on the spot in a matter of minutes. If you wish, you can leave information about previous illnesses (e.g. diabetes, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, etc.) with Johanniter, so that the arriving emergency services are well prepared. This service incurs extra monthly costs, but of course JohanniterCall is not a must. The smartwatch and the emergency button are just as useful with private emergency contacts.

Automatic fall detection

In connection with the emergency button, automatic fall detection plays a special role when it comes to safety. After all, it is not always possible to press the emergency button yourself after a fall. If the watch detects a fall, the emergency contacts are automatically informed after 60 seconds. However, this alarm can still be cancelled within a further 60 seconds in the event of a false alarm. New: The sensitivity of the fall detection can be set individually in two levels on the watch.

GPS tracking / GPS tracker

The built-in GPS tracking can inform emergency contacts of the location in case of an emergency. But the Safety Watch also offers a practical safety function for relatives of dementia patients, because the watch can automatically trigger an alarm when the person leaves a defined area (e.g. house and garden). Relatives then receive a push message with the location of the relative.

Other functions of the Safety Watch:

In addition to the sophisticated safety functions that can save lives in an emergency, the Telekom smartwatch naturally has other functions that support active and health-conscious seniors in particular.

Heart rate monitor

The integrated pulse monitor can measure the pulse continuously or at certain intervals. This function is also available to relatives or caregivers by remote triggering when enabled.


The pedometer supports an active and healthy lifestyle and functions as a personal fitness tracker. It motivates to take enough exercise and walks and thus helps to maintain good health.

Calorie counter

With the calorie counter, both weight loss and weight gain can be supported in a targeted way.

Sleep tracker

Sleep duration and sleep quality can also be tracked by the smartwatch. Sleep in particular can have a strong influence on mental abilities and thus be an early warning signal for the day. In addition, it becomes clearer whether you or your relatives frequently leave the bed at night.
And finally, the smartwatch not only helps thanks to the safety and health functions, but also makes it easier to maintain social contacts thanks to the telephone functions. The stored phone book also helps with this. The large, easy-to-use interface is easy to use in old age and the display also scores with good readability, even in the dark or in sunshine. Of course, it can also be set according to your own preferences, for example, you can choose between an analogue or digital dial. A complete package that is truly age-appropriate and enables the sensible integration of smart technology into the everyday life of seniors.

Worry less with Safety Watch

Advantages for relatives

The majority of the functions presented here, such as GPS positioning, fall detection or heart rate monitor, can also be controlled from outside, i.e. by relatives. This can increase the sense of security enormously for both sides. A smartphone of one's own is not even necessary for this. It is sufficient if at least one relative has a smartphone. With the associated app TCL Connect, the Smartwatch can be paired both with one's own mobile phone and alternatively with the mobile phones of relatives. If the Smartwatch is not being used for making phone calls, the Battery up to five days. Recharging can then be done on the next visit and only takes about 1.5 hours.

Conclusion: More than a telephone clock

The SafetyWatch combines comfort and safety

The Telekom smartwatch is a good example of intelligent technology and digital helpers that not only provide good services for seniors in everyday life, but can also offer a significant plus in safety. The built-in fall detection and the SOS button can save lives in an emergency. A function that can not only be advantageous for the elderly, but also offers epileptics, for example, a greater degree of safety. Depending on the setting, relatives, carers or emergency services (e.g. JohanniterCall) can be informed. The operation - also for cancelling a false alarm - is simple and easily possible even in difficult lighting conditions. However, since a separate mobile phone is not even necessary, the SafetyWatch is equally suitable for early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's and prevents people from getting lost and feeling helpless.

But the smartwatch is not only for safety. The other comfort functions can be a plus especially for open-minded, active and health-conscious seniors. And last but not least, it is still a very legible watch - especially in old age.

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