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Taking medication

The right dose at the right time.

Improvising can be dangerous. This is especially true when taking medicines of any kind. Here, your safety and health come first. Nevertheless, many people take the issue lightly. Consequential damage is almost always underestimated if the intake gets mixed up in the stress of everyday life.

Sort your tablets into the tablet box as prescribed by your doctor. This saves time and prevents mix-ups. Half or a quarter of a tablet is enough for your symptoms? Then you'd better not improvise, but use the practical divider.

For families with small children or people who suffer from difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), we recommend the tablet rasp. In powder form, you can mix the active ingredients into drinks or food, depending on your doctor's recommendation, to conceal the sometimes unpleasant taste of the medication and make it easier to take.

Tip: A medicine dispenser labelled with the day of the week and with compartments for morning, noon, evening and night. Use apps for documentation and tablet reminders.

Some pharmacies will take the hassle out of providing the medication for you. Based on the medication plan, you will then receive the medicines in a tube blister. The medicines are pre-sorted for each intake time and only need to be unpacked.

Always be prepared for emergencies: If your patient has to go to hospital at short notice, all important medication and documents should be at hand. An emergency passport contains all relevant patient information that can give medical staff vital information in an acute emergency.

The smart tablet box,

The right dose at the right time.

A pill box is an indispensable tool for anyone who has to take medication regularly. It makes it easier to organise and take the medication and helps one to avoid mistakes.

Furthermore, a pill box offers a practical way to store and sort medicines. Often with removable compartments, medicines can be prepared for each day of the week or for each time of day. This makes it easier to take the medication, as you no longer have to search through the entire medication pack each time.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to mistakenly take tablets that were actually intended for another day or to simply forget to take and reorder tablets at certain times.

In order to offer themselves or their relatives, who are often in old age, immense relief when taking tablets, there is this smart tablet box.

Share, press, grind, drink!

Practically everything in one! Tips on taking medication.

Anyone who has to take tablets has a lot to keep in mind: The right medicine at the right time, in the appropriate dose and in the appropriate way of administration.

Here are a few practical tips:

  • Cut up larger tablets - either at the intended breaking edge or with a mortar. This is best done in consultation with the doctor.
  • Stand or sit upright when taking tablets - swallowing is much easier that way. A nursing home bed can help you to sit as upright as possible.
  • Take the tablet with a big gulp of water - and also drink a glass afterwards.
  • Use practical everyday helpers

Tablet splitter

Tablet storage

Drinking cup

Tablet mill

Tablet punch


The MedPlaner app (for Android and iOS) also helps with medication reminders. It is available free of charge and can simplify everyday care. In it, you can document the intake, for example, which allows you or the attending physician to see at any time when which medication was taken.

Medication dispenser Medi-7

Safe intake at the right time: This medication dispenser helps to take medication on the right day, at the right time and in the right amount. For each day of the week, the medicines are counted and ready to hand in the morning, at noon, in the evening and at night. This is practical for at home and on the road.

TabletsExpress aid

With the tablet push-out aid, it is finally convenient and easy to release tablets from blister packs with one hand. The packaging with the required tablet is simply placed over the opening and then the lid is closed. The tablet is pushed out and falls into the container. Then simply slide the lid open to remove the tablet.


In the tablet grater, tablets are ground into powder by turning the screw cap. The tablets can be stored in a compartment in the lid. The tablet grater is easy to clean and convenient to transport. Please note: Clarify beforehand whether the tablets may be crushed.

Our aid box recommendation

Tablet intake

Especially if you have to take different active substances every day, you should make sure you keep track of them. Sort your tablets into the tablet box as prescribed by your doctor. This saves time and prevents mix-ups.