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Accessible housing for people with disabilities:

Independence within your own four walls

Our home is the place where we most like to live. However, daily life in one's own four walls presents many challenges for people with disabilities. Fortunately, there are suitable aids that can be used to make the home barrier-free without major renovation work, so that household chores can be done without any problems.

Create more independence

through barrier-free living

People with disabilities cannot manage some daily tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, as easily as others. VELA wants to help you master these challenges anyway.

The therapy chairs are specially tailored to your individual physical needs and enable you to do household chores without outside help.

Find out what advantages such a chair offers to make your home barrier-free:

Sit down and stand up

With the electrically operated stand-up aid, getting up and sitting down becomes child's play, as it supports and relieves the body during movement.

Moving from A to B while seated

The narrow alternative to the wheelchair allows you to move comfortably while seated and lets you pass through doors with ease.

Relieve the body

An ergonomic and individually adapted seat in combination with an adjustable backrest guarantees pleasant sitting comfort throughout the day.

Stable starting point for any budgetary task

Before starting your household tasks at the kitchen table, ironing board or other place, activate the brake to create a safe and stable starting point.

See how the VELA chair makes your everyday life easier:

The VELA Tango 700 - a versatile chair:
Support in different areas of life


Living room




Take a look at some examples:

Adjustable seat height makes everyday life easier

Do you need help reaching the glasses in the upper cupboard compartment or emptying the dishwasher without bending down?

With the electric stand-up aid, this is possible despite weak legs or problems with balance.

But that's not all: the flexible seat height is also practical for changing, personal hygiene, cooking or many hobbies.

It helps you stand up safely and without exhaustion. Simply pull the central brake, raise the seat and find your way to a solid standing position. Thanks to the adjustable seat height, everyday life is now a lot easier.

Barrier-free living for people with disabilities

Four smooth-running castors with plenty of space for the feet allow you to "walk" or push yourself while sitting.

This also makes it easier for people with weak legs to move around the living space and get from A to B without getting tired quickly or having to take breaks. Another advantage of this technology is the reduction of the risk of falling.

The seat with castors also allows an upright posture and comfortable.

Living without barriers:
More self-confidence for people with disabilities

Accessible housing can help people with disabilities feel comfortable and safe in their homes.

Even if the body does not always cooperate, it enables them to move independently in their home and to rely on their furniture without having to rely on the help of others.

This not only strengthens their sense of independence, but also increases their self-confidence, as they are able to manage daily tasks on their own. A barrier-free home thus offers more joie de vivre and enables an independent and self-determined life despite disability.

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