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MiS® Therapy Mattresses

With micro-stimulation

The Thevo mattress from Thomashilfen was specially developed so that people suffering from dementia or Parkinson's disease, as well as those in need of care, also have the opportunity to regenerate overnight.

MiS® Therapy Mattresses from Thomashilfen

Special. Unique.

Restful sleep is the basis for health and well-being. People who sleep well through the night can recover better from illnesses, strengthen their immune system and are more mentally balanced. The Thevo mattress was specially developed so that people suffering from dementia or Parkinson's disease, as well as those in need of care, also have the opportunity to regenerate overnight.

This is because a multitude of small wing springs in the lower part of the Thevo mattress react to breathing and body movements and thus send the body small important impulses (completely without electrics - and without side effects).

That is MiS Micro-Stimulation®. And it's even patented!

This forms the basis for restful sleep, especially for people with movement restrictions due to age or illness. See for yourself and feel the difference!

What is the difference between a Thevo mattress and a standard foam mattress?

In the Thevo mattress the MiS Micro-Stimulation® works

Unlike conventional mattress models, the Thevo mattress consists of a lower springing and a foam core, which in combination are adapted to the respective clinical picture (no metal, no electrics). Both parts are in a cover with a circumferential zip - this allows the cover to be cleaned separately in a standard washing machine.

Despite this special feature on the inside, the Thevo mattress can hardly be distinguished from normal models on the outside. Of course, it can be easily inserted into almost any normal bed frame - a care bed is not necessarily required. In this way, the domestic sleeping situation, for example in a marriage bed, can be maintained.

Micro-stimulation systems from Thomashilfen

An overview of the different models

The operating principle of the micro-stimulation systems is essentially based on the theoretical principles of basal stimulation, the Bobath concept and kinaesthetics.

Micro-stimulation systems promote & maintain the patient's own movement and perception. This is achieved through the feedback of the system with the patient, which results from the characteristic wing spring technology (torsion wing spring). This supports the preservation of body perception and thus enables the patient's own movement. This ensures the physiological blood circulation of the skin so that the occurrence of pressure ulcers is prevented or the prerequisite for wound healing is created.



against sleep disturbances & restlessness in dementia patients


for professional care - optimal bed climate & pressure relief



for more independence & quality of life for stroke patients


for professional care - pressure ulcer prophylaxis & therapy


with optimal combination of pressure relief & transfer facilitation

ThevoautoActiv 800

for the care of decubitus / pain / palliative patients


against muscle tension & sleep disorders in Parkinson's patients


against lying pain & sleep disturbances in pain patients


for use in care facilities - offers lying comfort for the highest demands


Specially developed for the special needs of seniors with sleep disorders

Good reasons for a Thevo mattress!

People all over the world rely on our ideas for an ever greater quality of life. They enjoy a better sleep and therefore a better life. Read some of the reasons why the Thevo mattress is the right choice for you.

60 years of experience the development of sleep systems make us an internationally recognised specialist for people's restful sleep. As the inventor of the slatted frame (1957), we are proud to keep developing innovative solutions on the subject of sleep. With our many years of experience in advising special care mattresses, we know what our customers need.

Special. Unique.

You choose a mattress that makes a difference. Unlike standard mattress models, the Thevo mattress is a combination of a slat base and a foam core - both parts are in a cover with a zip all around and are adapted to the respective clinical picture (no metal, no electrics). This makes them special and unique. For your restful sleep.

Suitable solutions

Whether for dementia, Parkinson's disease or pressure sore prevention and therapy, for example. We have the mattress that best suits your situation. Let our expert advise you without obligation and in a friendly and competent manner.

Sleep test at home

Don't buy a "pig in a poke". Try out our Thevo mattress and see for yourself. In your own four walls. Free delivery and collection included if you are not satisfied - no risk. Take us at our word!

Flexible payment options

In addition to buying on account with a 30-day right of return, you can also pay for your mattress in favourable monthly instalments or rent it. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and find a solution together.

We are satisfied when you are satisfied!

Many of our customers appreciate the uncomplicated processing and the offer of a free trial sleep. We are always happy to help and advise if you have any questions. Speaking of which: we were recently very pleased when a customer surprised us with a poem she had written herself.

This is how the trial sleep works

free of charge and without obligation

Call us for personal advice on which Thevo mattress is right for you. We will be very happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can reach us on 04761-979400.
Our carriers will bring the Thevo mattress directly to your hallway on the agreed delivery date. As soon as your mattress is in your bed, you can try out the new lying feeling.
We will call you after a few days to ask whether you are satisfied with your mattress and can sleep better. At the same time, you have the opportunity to ask us questions.
If you are not satisfied, we will collect the mattress from you within 30 days of delivery. This service is of course completely free of charge for you.

What does a Thevo mattress cost?

The price of a Thevo mattress depends on the model you need. We will advise you on which solution is right for you. The options are many: from the simple to the professional care mattress. The price range for a Thevo mattress ranges from €399 to €1749. Whether you want to pay immediately after the trial sleep or spread it over favourable monthly instalments - we will find a solution. We will be happy to provide you with reliable price information in a personal consultation on the phone (04761-979400).

What does the seal say?

The AGR seal of quality

To support you as a consumer, Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V. has developed a decision aid:

The AGR seal of quality. It is awarded exclusively to products that have proven their back-friendly design before an independent test commission with experts from various medical fields.

Request further information

Do you have questions or are you interested? We will get in touch with you!